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Physical oceanography data from the cruise KB 2018616 with R.V. Kristine Bonnevie.

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Ilker Fer, Zoe Koenig, Anthony Bosse, Eva Falck, Eivind Kolås, Frank Nilsen (2020) Physical oceanography data from the cruise KB2018616 with R.V. Kristine Bonnevie.
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The cruise KB 2018616 (27 June – 10 July 2018) aboard the Research Vessel Kristine Bonnevie is the first physical oceanography process cruise of the project the Nansen LEGACY. LEGACY is the Norwegian Arctic research community’s joint effort to establish a holistic understanding of a changing marine Arctic climate and ecosystem. The cruise contributes to process studies investigating the ocean circulation, stratification and mixing processes north of Svalbard. The attached cruise summary report describes the sampling, instrumentation, data processing and necessary corrections and calibrations applied. The data set is a compilation of data from the following instruments provided in separate files: CTD: 120 profiles of salinity, temperature and density using ship’s conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) system LADCP: 105 profiles of horizontal currents from the lowered acoustic Doppler current profiler (LADCP) system attached on the CTD frame VMP: 197 ocean microstructure profiles using a vertical microstructure profiler, VMP2000 SADCP: 5-minute time-averaged horizontal current profiles from the ship’s hull-mounted 150 Hz ADCP
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Svalbard, Arctic Ocean, oceanography, hydrography, CTD, currents, turbulence, mixing
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