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Hydrography of the Nordic Seas, 2000-2017: A merged product

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Anthony Bosse and Ilker Fer (2018) Hydrography of the Nordic Seas, 2000-2017: A merged product
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This is a merged hydrographical data set of the Nordic Seas constituted by gathering hydrographical observations from different sources for the 2000-2017 period, between 61-80N and 17W-23E. Shipborne CTD profiles were downloaded from the ICES database and combined with CTD casts from the Norwegian Marine Data center for the Svinoy, Gimsoy, Barents Sea Opening and Bear Island sections, as well as dedicated cruises in the Lofoten Basin. Profiles collected by Argo profiling floats were retrieved from the Coriolis data center. Finally, 10 glider missions carried out in the Lofoten Basin by the University of Bergen (NACO and PROVOLO projects) were added to the dataset. Prior to merging, the data from different sources were consistently interpolated on a 5 dbar pressure grid from 0 to 3000 db. Duplicates from various sources were identified as pairs of profiles collected less than 1 day and 1 km apart and removed. In order to homogenize the data from different sampling platforms, data collected within 15 km and 10 days are isopycnally averaged. Out of 77 625 initial profiles, the final merged data set contains 57 753 profiles. The data set is prepared and used in the ProVoLo project (Watermass transformation processes and vortex dynamics in the Lofoten Basin of the Norwegian Sea) funded by the Norwegian Research Council.
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Nordic Seas, hydrography
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